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The Future of Marketing

Mike Hill delivers some pretty bold predictions on what he thought at the time the direction that marketing was going.  As you will see MANY of the predictions were spot on.  Mike takes you on a journey…..Learn More

Its extremely rare to find an world class media buyer who has mastered the magic of marketing and advertising to an expert level. Working with Mike Hill has taken my business to a whole new level. His reputation as an industry leader is well deserved.

-Robert Grant
Founder, Director, Social Media Marketing Expert at Reach Global Media

Mike Hill is one of the few people that I can say I go to still for advice when it comes to business advice and advertising online! I’ve known Mike for over 9 years and the one thing I can say about him is, he is consistent. He consistently is learning, growing and sharing his knowledge with those around him. Mike is one of the few genuine “good guys” who cares more about who he works with, and how they run their businesses than he does about making money. If you have the opportunity to hear Mike speak, listen in on a webinar, or talk with him one on one… Do. Not. Miss. It!

-Bryant Garvin
The PPC Dictator at Bryant Garvin Consulting

‘I just wanted to write a quick note to say how much Mike Hill’s experience, knowledge and perspective has helped me grow as an online marketer and advertiser. I’ve learned a ton from his insights into what steps are needed to take a prospect from interest, to engagement to action. I’ll also add that his ethical approach to advertising is very refreshing, especially in a day and age where there are so many ‘shenanigans’ in the marketplace 🙂

-Dave Bass
FB Media Buying Strategiest and Consultant

Mike’s a very sharp, honest marketer – always looking out for not only his clients’ best interests but the industry as a whole.

– Harris Fellman
Founder / President / CEO at Another Zero, LLC

HOPE is a powerful drug that can either cure our worst disease, or cripple us if left unaudited….

Mike Hill

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